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What is covered under this insurance policy for Rehabilitation Counsellors?

The Allied Health Professionals Insurance Policy
for Rehabilitation Counsellors is designed to include professional indemnity, public liability and products liability.

The policy is suitable for Rehabilitation Counsellors working with an organisation or having their own practice or providing Rehabilitation Counsellor services as part of their professional duties. The policy can cover Rehabilitation Counsellors that work full time, part time or as contractors.
Public Liability

Public liability protects you and your Rehabilitation Counselling practice against any liability if someone is injured on your premises or while you are providing your services in Australia.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity protects you for claims made against your Rehabilitation Counselling practice in the course of providing your professional services in Australia.

Property Damage

Products liability protects you for claims made against your Rehabilitation Counselling practice for any products sold or supplied by you to a third party in Australia.

Investigation Costs

Investigation costs cover legal costs and expenses in responding to an investigation from an official body on a complaint made against you or your business.


Protects you and your business against any actual or alleged defamation, or harm to the reputation of a third party online or in public in relation to the provision of your Rehabilitation Counsellor services.

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How does this insurance protect Rehabilitation Counsellors

upcover offers insurance that blends professional indemnity and public and product liability insurance, offering you tailored insurance solutions for Rehabilitation Counsellors at affordable prices.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Rehabilitation Counsellors (Limits up to $10m)

Professional indemnity protects you from claims made against your Rehabilitation Counselling business in the course of you providing your professional services.

Physical Injuries

You unintentionally share your client's confidential details with a third party leading to mental trauma for your client.

Bad Professional Advice

While working with a client who’s adjusting to life after suffering from a disability, you are impatient and rude causing more trauma to them. They refuse to take any further treatment and their family blames you for harassing them.


You complete an evaluation for a client, and it is alleged that this is a negligent or unreasonable evaluation of your client’s employability, they disagree with your findings that they were employable.

Public & Products Liability insurance for Rehabilitation Counsellors (Limits up to $20m)

Public liability insurance protects your Rehabilitation Counsellor business against liability if someone gets injured on your premises or while you are providing your services.
Products liability insurance is for claims made against your Rehabilitation Counsellor business for products supplied or sold by you to a third party.

Trips, Slips and Falls

A client attends your workplace and slips and injures themselves while they are there. They make a claim against your business for the injuries that they sustained.

Third Party Property Damage

You accidentally knock a number of items off the hallway entrance while exiting a patient’s  home after an at-home visit, and break an expensive ornamental vase.

Error of Judgement

A client alleges that you didn’t obtain their informed consent when you completed your evaluation. The report was then provided to their employer and the client alleges that you failed to explain the purpose of the document and that it would be shared.


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Commonly asked questions

Why is Rehabilitation Counsellor insurance important?

According to the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Ltd. (ASORC), Rehabilitation Counsellors are allied health professionals who help people deal with the impact of disability, health conditions and disadvantages and help them achieve a sense of inclusion and independence.

According to Allied Health Professions Australia, services provided by Rehabilitation Counsellors include assessing needs of clients, career counselling, setting goals, getting the client work ready, re-conditioning, adjusting to living with a disability or injury, workplace assessment and modifications. The job of a Rehabilitation Counsellor requires them to work very closely with the client and their families which implies an element of risk. Sometimes mistakes happen and things do not go according to plan.

If your client or their guardian holds you responsible, it could put everything you have worked for at risk.

Who is upcover?

upcover is an insurtech that works with the oldest insurance markets and global leaders in insurance innovation. All insurance products are underwritten by ProRisk. Our aim at upcover is to make it super easy for small businesses to buy insurance and be well-informed about their choices.

How is ASORC working with upcover?

As Australia’s peak professional body representing Rehabilitation Counsellors, ASORC has been searching for ways to add even greater value to you and your business. That’s why ASORC partnered with award-winning insurtech, upcover, to offer you simple, easy and affordable insurance for your business.

ASORC is merely referring these services to its members to assist you in accessing Rehabilitation Counsellors insurance, and does not take a referral fee for this. Any benefit of the partnership between upcover and ASORC is provided directly to you, our members.

What other occupations can a Rehabilitation Counsellor add to this insurance?

• Drug rehabilitation counselling services
• Counselling
• Psychologist

What can a Rehabilitation Counsellor be sued for?

While we hope it doesn't happen, Rehabilitation Counsellors can potentially be sued for:

• Covering medical costs (current and future) for a client that is injured
• Loss of a client's earning capacity when the client is off work
• Additional compensation if the damage to the client is permanent/long-lasting
• Mental trauma, pain and suffering of the client from the injury

What limits are available with upcover?

You can get covered today with tailored Rehabilitation Counsellor insurance that provides public & products liability insurance limits available up to $20m, and professional indemnity limits available up to $10m.

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